About Us

At Mountain Strong Fitness, our goal is to get you real, sustainable results in a real, sustainable amount of time. And for a lot of us, that means a shorter amount of time. We are a fitness studio specializing in group fitness classes, small group training, and nutrition coaching.

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Real Results in Less Time

We want to get you real results in short time. Which means our group classes are only 30 minutes or less! Each class is geared specifically to meet your needs, whether it’s getting stronger, leaner, or in better shape.

Connecting You to Your Goals

Above all else, we are about inspiring individuals to believe in themselves and in their worth by connecting them to their health and fitness goals. We believe that every individual is worth the time and energy it takes to start and sustain a healthy life.

No-Judgment Zone

We are a no-judgment zone; a safe environment for individuals of all fitness levels to come together, support each other, have fun and make friends – all while working hard and getting healthy in both mind and body. 

Mountain Strong Fitness will motivate you to keep getting stronger and more confident in your abilities.

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