As a health professional, it is my responsibility to help guide my clients in the direction of healthy eating. Since registered dietitians are the only qualified individuals to make specific meal plans, I will only be able to help provide nutrition education that will help equip you with the tools and skills needed to reach your health and fitness goals and do so with confidence. Through our individualized nutrition coaching, we will lead you through the following phases.

Initial Consultation

We discuss your health history, food preferences and patterns and goals to creating the healthy life you desire. We also determine your unique lifestyle needs and desires, including your schedules, family structure, skills, values and beliefs regarding food and healthy living.
Cost: $40

Ongoing Support

Follow-up appointments provide you with valuable time to “check-in”. Together we will discuss how you are doing on your plan, make any adjustments, answer questions and set new goals. These visits are all about you, getting the guidance and motivation you need to succeed.
Cost: First follow-up appointment is free; each appointment after is $25

Nutrition Supplements

Reaching your goals means fueling your body with the nutrients it needs. From Shakeology® —Your Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition® —to Beachbody Performance® supplements and our premium nutrition programs, Ultimate Portion Fix® and 2B Mindset®, we help support you with powerful, healthy nutritional solutions designed to fit your life. Here are our top selling nutrition supplements:

  • Shakeology: Can benefit your overall health so you can feel better, provide healthy energy, support healthy weight loss, support regularity and healthy digestion, and curb cravings.
  • Energize: Blast through your toughest workouts with a surge of energy! Take Energize before you work out to help sharpen your focus, push harder, and last longer—because every ounce of extra energy means better results.
  • Recover: Help combat exercise-induced muscle soreness and jump-start recovery so you can hit every workout with strength and intensity. Take Recover after every workout to help combat exercise-induced muscle soreness, speed muscle recovery, support muscle growth, and restore your strength.
  • Hydrate: Boost hydration during your workouts for outstanding performance. Typical sports drinks have too much sugar and artificial ingredients that can dehydrate you. Hydrate is made for performance with a balance of carbohydrates, electrolytes, and water that replaces what’s lost and improves endurance.
  • Beachbars: Keep the good stuff coming with your choice of 3 BEACHBAR flavors. Each bar has 9–10g protein, 4g fiber, and 150 calories, with real chocolate chips, creamy nut butters, protein crisps, and crunchy nut pieces.

Together we will agree on your health goal.

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