Boot Camp Information

*Registration for our next boot camp is currently open!

We are so excited that you are thinking about joining us for our next round of boot camp!

Here are the details!

Date: July 26th-September 18th (8 weeks)-If you have a vacation planned during that time, no worries! You get one week of vacation time during this.

1. The cost is FREE if you are already a member. If not, we have a special boot camp membership plan just for you! (You will find this membership special in the application process)

2. You will have to APPLY in order to participate in this round of boot camp. You can do so here:

We will only select 50 to participate so please make sure to fill this form out BEFORE the deadline (July 16th)

3. If you are selected to participate. You are required to come in to our initial weight in and nutrition meeting (we will give various days/times). We will also complete weight/measure in every two weeks AND we will also have a few random check-ins.

4. We will not have set times for boot camp classes. You are going to be required to attend four classes a week (no more than 2 in one day and not all of these classes can be dance classes or yoga/stretch). We offer 20 classes a week so this shouldn’t be hard for you!

5. You will be placed in a separate FB group in which you will be required to post your daily food/water intake. If this is not completed more than once, you are disqualified from the boot camp.

6. You will be required to complete a 5K during these 8 weeks. MSF will host one or you can choose your own to do.

7. Those who complete this boot camp challenge will be invited to our GRADUATION party on September 18th! Our graduation party will have door prizes, food, entertainment and prizes for the top 5 ladies with the biggest results!

We know this is a lot–this boot camp is designed to challenge you! If you think you can complete the things listed above, we invite you to join us!

Check out the pictures below of just a few of our clients who have participated in a boot camp!